Tree Fertilization

What’s the point of tree fertilization? Don’t forget that a tree will thrive in soil that’s rich and organic. However, when a tree is at our home or business, it’s suddenly forced to compete for resources with the lawn and other plants. Plus, we remove fallen leaves and other organic matter that would ordinarily act as a source of nutrients. With all that in mind, life has gotten a lot harder for urban trees.

At Vista Tree Service, we know that it takes more than sunshine and water to enhance the life of a tree. The trick is knowing the right time to fertilize in concert with the right types. Our team has over 30 years of industry experience, giving us the expertise and knowledge to determine if your trees are lacking nutrients. From there, we can create an effective fertilization strategy and maximize the benefits. We’re able to keep trees healthy and strong for years.

We take the necessary steps to enhance the exterior of your home or business, beautify the neighborhood and raise property values. For more information or to schedule an appointment in Austin, TX, contact us online or by phone today. 

Tree Trimming